The artist

“You, O Substance, concealing the secrets of the world, carry on hiding them thus well so that I can keep seeking them inside you”

The sculpture of Giorgio is based on the manipulation of iron, worked figuratively and shaped to enhance the structure without losing the inherent strength of the medium. The sculptor moulds thin human figures, light and elusive, almost on the verge of vanishing, but with clarity both in form and in content. Slender figures, enigmatic in their playfulness, defying gravity to sway elusively in the air.

The artist revisits the ancient forms of tribal sculpture and directs them towards his own figures, full of vitality. Each character is forged as a metal structure, but also displays movement and a relationship with the surrounding environment.

In the arts field he has realized solo exhibitions, participates enthusiastically in group shows and themed competitions, presenting beautifully-made and harmonious iron sculptures as well as a revaluation of lightweight plastic materials reflecting simple and current themes.

Giorgio Bronco’s works are in private collections across Italy and abroad

All sculptures are unique pieces and are available on sale.