The artisan

Giorgio Bronco grew up in Città della Pieve. Driven by the town’s medieval heritage and centuries old craftmenship tradition he was soon attracted to metals.

Shaping metal is Giorgio’s means of expressing his soul, the blow of the hammer is his heartbeat. The artisan bends the ordinarily inflexible metal to his will to embody a creative form that will last forever. In his hands iron is made malleable, symbol of civilization, culture, research.

Throughout his career Giorgio never stopped experimenting with materials. The medieval heritage blent in with his love of nature leading him to successfully employ other materials such as wood and stone.

His fine handiworks can be admired in his workshop and inside some of the historical buildings of Città della Pieve. From the small object to the large gate, Giorgio’s work symbolizes a long-lasting tradition. A tale that never ends.

All pieces are on sale. They are fully customisable on request.